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Information to come to the Netherlands

To the Netherlands

No visa required

Ukrainians who want to come to the Netherlands do not need a visa for a so-called “short stay” of 90 days. They do not have to register as refugees. The Dutch government will make an arrangement if the situation lasts longer.

Free railway transport
The railways in Slovakia, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands allow Ukrainian refugees to travel by train for free. This is possible on presentation of the passport or identity card. Ukrainians who are only passing through can also use this.

Don’t need a place to stay?

Ukrainians who come to the Netherlands and do not need shelter, for example because they can stay with family or friends, do not have to report somewhere. However, they must register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). (see under “Registering with the municipality)

Need shelter?
Ukrainians who want to come to the Netherlands but have no accommodation can be accommodated by:
1. The Dutch government.
In the large cities where the international trains arrive, emergency services are often present to help. Reception locations have been set up throughout the Netherlands.
2. Institutes and individuals
There are currently many private initiatives that offer accommodation. Good coordination is still lacking.

In the Netherlands

No asylum applications and no reporting necessary
Ukrainians currently do not have to apply for asylum or report to the application center in Ter Apel.

Registering with the municipality
Ukrainians who have accommodation can register in the Personal Records Database (BRP). They do this at the municipality where they reside on presentation of their passport. The national passport is in Ukrainian and cannot be accepted in some municipalities (see “Ukrainian passports”). This registration is important for receiving further support such as financial and medical assistance. Click here for this information.

1. A Ukrainian must register himself (!!!) with the municipality where he/she resides. Registration can not be done by someone else!!!!
2. Registration is only (!!!) possible at the address where the Ukrainian resides. As in Ukraine, the Netherlands does not have a separate legal address and a different residence address. This is punishable in the Netherlands.

Ukrainian passports
Many Ukrainians only have a “national” passport for use within Ukraine. This passport is entirely in the Ukrainian language. An international Ukrainian passport is in both Ukrainian and English.
An international passport can be obtained at the Ukrainian Embassy in The Hague.

Money for living

The Dutch government has opened a scheme for living allowance for Ukrainian refugees. This living allowance is paid out by the municipalities.
For a Ukrainian staying in the municipal shelter, this amounts to 60,- euros per person per week (240,- euros per month).
Ukrainians staying with a host family receive 75,- euros extra per week, so a total of 135,- euros per week (540,- euro per month)
You can decide for yourself how to spend the money.

Working in the Netherlands allowed

The Dutch government wants to make it possible for Ukrainians to work in the Netherlands without a work permit from 1 April 2022.
Under normal circumstances, Ukrainians are not allowed to work in the Netherlands without a permit. The “short stay” is only for residence in the Netherlands and not for work. Under normal circumstances, a visa is required to work in the Netherlands.
At the beginning of March 2022, the European Union adopted a special directive that will make work possible.
The Dutch government is therefore making an emergency arrangement. Until then, the government wants a reporting obligation so that one can monitor the group of working Ukrainians and make sure that they receive the minimum wage, for example.

Subject to change.