Registration of persons from Ukraine in the BRP

Many people who have fled Ukraine from the violence of war are reporting to municipalities now and in the near future. This message is about the registration of these people in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) and how municipalities can deal with this.


Registration as a resident

Persons with Ukrainian nationality can be registered in the BRP by registering their residence and address with the municipality where they (temporarily) reside. The municipality is not required to carry out a residence permit test. They have lawful residence on the basis of the free residence period of 180 days.

The municipality does not have to investigate or make an inventory of which residence status exactly applies to these Ukrainian citizens. In any case, these Ukrainians have lawful residence in the Netherlands.

In view of the situation, municipalities can assume that Ukrainians will stay in the Netherlands for more than two-thirds of the next six months. The municipality also asks for all available documents with the declaration, from which information can be derived.

Identity and Nationality

If a Ukrainian reports to a municipality and says he or she is from Ukraine and he or she has a (temporary) residence in the municipality, this person can be registered in the BRP as a resident. A condition for registration is that the municipality must be able to establish the identity on the basis of a passport or other proof of identity. In addition, the municipality must be able to establish that it is a person with Ukrainian nationality.

underage children

For minors who came along as a family and who do not have proof of identity, the parents (in the absence of other documents) can make a statement under oath or affirmation, with which the municipality determines the identity of the children. The municipality then also registers these children. This is an exception to the standard rule that proof of identity is required. This exception is only applicable for this target group in the current circumstances.

Unidentifiable identity or no Ukrainian nationality

Persons whose identity the municipality cannot establish, or whose municipality cannot establish that they have Ukrainian nationality, will not be registered. Information will follow as soon as possible about the procedure to be followed, both with regard to the right of residence and the registration in the BRP. These persons cannot yet declare their residence and address.

Identity Documents

The municipality does not distinguish between Ukrainians with a biometric passport or with a passport without biometrics. A domestic identity card also states the Ukrainian nationality and can therefore also be used to establish identity and nationality. The IND’s Documents Office has promised to include information about Ukrainian documents in DISCS as soon as possible.

Entry date not important for registration

The municipality does not have to check when the Ukrainian has crossed the border into Ukraine. This date does not affect the possibility to be registered as a resident in the BRP. In principle, all Ukrainians who report having fled from Ukraine can be registered in the BRP as a resident.

Residence permit code

Registration in the BRP ensures that the IND is automatically informed. The IND will then process the residence permit side and then forward the residence permit to the BRP in the usual way. This may not happen immediately, but at a later time.

Registration Non-residents

Registration as a non-resident in the Registration of Non-Residents (RNI) is undesirable, because of the expected duration of stay of more than 4 months. RNI counters must therefore refer those involved to the municipality where they reside for registration as a resident.


This is not the last report on the registration of Ukrainians in the BRP. It is expected that there will be and will be questions to which this post does not answer.

Source: National Office for Identity Data (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)